Kenan Mamedoff

iOS Developer

Creating iOS apps since 2013. Deep knowledge of iOS and macOS. Designed and developed multiple applications that were distributed through the App Store. Published "SözTap", a word game with online gameplay Ranked 1st in App Store Azerbaijan. Currently developing a 3D shooter game with SceneKit as an indie developer.

SKILLS Swift, SceneKit, SpriteKit, ARKit, Core Data, Networking, Parsing JSON or XML data, Unit Testing, Core Bluetooth, UI/UX Design, Git version-control system, Proficient in using Storyboards, Xibs, Auto Layout, Size Classes as well as programmatically creating user interfaces for multiple screen sizes, etc.
LANGUAGES ENGLISH, AZERBAIJANI, TURKISH, Russian (Limited Working Proficiency)
EDUCATION Sumgait State University, Azerbaijan 2013-2017
Bachelor of Economics

Work Experience

2014 - 2018

iOS Developer, WEB Developer, UI/UX Designer, IT

NAVAL Limited Liability Company

• Collaborated closely with GUI designers and developers
• Designed UI/UX for WEB pages and apps
• Created and maintained the company website and added more appealing features
• Solely responsible for creating Wordpress blog
2013 - ∞

Freelance Developer

Mamedoff Software

• Designed and developed multiple games and applications that were distributed through the Apple App store.
• Engineered multiple custom animations, transitions, and UI components
• Created user interfaces with Sketch and Photoshop
• Wrote efficient, maintainable and reusable code prioritizing privacy and security
• Published a word game with online gameplay Ranked 1st in App Store Azerbaijan

iOS Developer


• Developing iOS apps.
• Writing tests
• Transforming designs into real apps